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Tag: Add Image Names

sealos tag is a command in the Sealos command-line tool, used to add one or more additional names to the images stored locally. This command can help you better manage your images. This guide will detail its usage.

Basic Usage

The basic sealos tag command format is as follows:

sealos tag imageName newName

In the above command, imageName is the name of the image you want to operate on, and newName is the new tag you want to add.


For example, you can use the following command to add a new name firstNewName to an image named imageName:

sealos tag imageName firstNewName

You can also add multiple names at once, for example, add two names firstNewName and SecondNewName:

sealos tag imageName firstNewName SecondNewName

The above is the usage guide for the sealos tag command, and we hope it is helpful to you. If you encounter any problems during use, feel free to ask us.