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Quick installation of ILLA Cloud

ILLA Cloud is a low-code platform that is open-source, enabling users to create, deploy, and manage internal applications. With ILLA Cloud, you have the flexibility to build a wide range of applications, from basic CRUD apps to more complex multi-step workflows, using intuitive drag-and-drop components for building the user interface.

Step 1: open the App Launchpad application in the Sealos desktop environment


Step 2: create a new application

  • In App Launchpad, click "New Application" to create a new application.


Step 3: application deployment

  • Basic configuration:

    • Application name (Custom): illa-builder

    • Image name (default latest version): illasoft/illa-builder

    • CPU (recommended): 0.5 Core

    • Memory (recommended): 512 MB

  • deployment mode:

    • number of instances (custom): 1
  • Note: the configuration here is the minimum requirement for successful running. You may use more based on your needs.


  • Network configuration:

    • Container exposure port: 2022

    • Public network access: enabled

    • Note: Here we leave the custom domain blank, which does not affect running ILLA Cloud. You are welcome to put your own domain down.


  • Advanced configuration:

    • Customize local database and drive (1 GB is the minimum).


Step 4: deploy the application

  • Click "deploy Application" to start deploying the application.


Step 5: access the application

  • Click "details" to view, when the STATUS of the application has changed from Pending to Running, it indicates that the application has been launched successfully.

  • When STATUS is Running, you can directly access the public network address.


  • The visit was successful!