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Login to Repository

The sealos login command is used to log into the container registry on the specified server. After logging into the registry, you can pull and push images.


sealos login [flags] [options] registryName


Here are the parameters for the sealos login command:

  • --authfile='': Path to the authentication file. It can be overridden with the REGISTRY_AUTH_FILE environment variable.

  • --cert-dir='': Use certificates at the specified path to access the image repository.

  • --get-login=true: Return the current login user for the registry.

  • -k, --kubeconfig='': Log into the sealos image repository using kubeconfig.

  • -p, --password='': Password for the registry.

  • --password-stdin=false: Take the password from standard input.

  • -u, --username='': Username for the registry.

  • -v, --verbose=false: Write more detailed information to standard output.


  • Log into the registry: sealos login -u myusername -p mypassword

Please note that when using the sealos login command, you need to make sure that you provide the correct username and password, otherwise the login process might fail. If you encounter problems during the login process, you might need to check your username and password to ensure they have not been entered incorrectly or forgotten.

That's the usage guide for the sealos login command, and we hope it has been helpful. If you encounter any problems during usage, feel free to ask us.