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One cloud OS

for all applications

Sealos is the cloud OS for deploying, managing and scaling your applications in seconds, not minutes, not hours. Use Sealos as easily as your own PC!

The Capabilities of Sealos

Application Management

Easy management and quick release of publicly accessible distributed applications in the app store.

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Create high-availability databases in seconds, offering support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis.
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Cloud Universality
Equally effective in both public and private cloud, enabling a seamless transition of traditional applications to the cloud.
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Why Choose Sealos?
Efficient & Cost-Effective
Pay only for the containers you use. Auto-scaling prevents wasted resources, saving you a lot of money.
Flexible & Secure
The multi-tenant sharing mechanism ensures security while providing resource isolation and efficient collaboration.
Universal & User-Friendly
Focus on your business without worrying about complexity. There is almost no learning curve.
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