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Add a domain

Assigning a custom domain to your project guarantees that visitors to your application will have a tailored experience that aligns with your brand.

When Deploying

Just enable "Public Access" when you're deploying, and Sealos will sorts you out with a domain.

Now, on your domain provider's end, link the 'CNAME' to the one Sealos provided.

Once it's active, jump back to Sealos, click on "Custom Domain" to the side:

Enter your custom domain in the pop-up box and click confirm.

To wrap up, click the "Deploy" button. Once your app's live, click on the external address to access the app via the custom domain.

Post Deployment

For the apps you've deployed, just click "Update" top-right on the app details page. Then, follow the earlier steps to integrate your custom domain.