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Sealos Cloud Terms of Service

These Sealos Cloud Terms of Service (this “Agreement”) are entered into by and between you and Zhuhai Huanjie Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. (referred to as “we/us” or "the Company") regarding the use of our cloud services (hereafter referred to as "the Service"). We urge you to read and understand every clause, particularly those concerning limitations of our liability, restrictions on your rights, and the terms about dispute resolution and legal jurisdiction. If any aspect of this agreement is not acceptable to you, refrain from registering for or using the Service.

Article 1: Scope of Services

  1. We offer a range of internet-based IT services, including but not limited to storage, computation, and network transmission.
  2. Technical support and customer assistance will be provided to enhance your experience with the Service.
  3. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue any or all aspects of the Service without any obligation to you.

Article 2: Account Registration and Management

  1. Prior to using the Service, registering an account is mandatory. You must ensure that the information provided at registration is accurate and updated regularly.
  2. The security of your account credentials is your responsibility. Any misuse of your account should be reported to us immediately.
  3. We hold the right to inspect your account and, if irregularities are detected, may halt or terminate the services provided to you.

Article 3: Usage Guidelines

  1. The Service must not be used for illegal activities or in ways that infringe upon the rights of others, including intellectual property rights and confidentiality breaches.
  2. The Service must not be used for malicious registration of accounts, whether for profit, speculation, or other purposes.
  3. Dissemination of illegal, harmful, or malevolent content via the Service is strictly prohibited.
  4. You are liable for adhering to all relevant laws and the terms of this agreement, including the responsibility for the content shared and outcomes arising from your use of the Service.

Article 4: Fees and Payment

  1. You agree to the fee structure associated with the Service, as outlined in our published rates.
  2. We may revise the fee structure based on market conditions, notifying you in advance. Continued use of the Service implies agreement to the revised fees.
  3. Non-payment of fees may lead to the suspension or termination of the Service, and we retain the right to seek compensation.

Article 5: Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

  1. The Service is provided based on existing technology and conditions, and we do not guarantee uninterrupted, completely secure, or error-free service.
  2. We are not liable for Service disruptions or unavailability due to force majeure.
  3. We bear no responsibility for loss or damage of data caused by your actions.

Article 6: Privacy Policy

Your agreement to and compliance with our privacy policy, an integral part of this agreement, is required. Please refer to the detailed "Privacy Policy" section below.

Article 7: Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The intellectual property of the Service and all related materials, including software and documentation, is owned by us. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or reverse engineering is prohibited.
  2. While you retain intellectual property rights over your data and content generated within the Service, you grant us permission for necessary operations such as storage and backup to facilitate the Service.

Article 8: Agreement Termination

  1. Violation of any terms of this agreement permits us to cease providing the Service immediately and to pursue legal remedies.
  2. You can terminate this agreement by requesting the cancellation of your account.

Article 9: Dispute Resolution and Governing Law

  1. This agreement is governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Disputes arising from this agreement should be resolved through negotiation; failing that, legal action may be pursued in a competent court.
  2. The agreement includes provisions for resolving disputes and the applicable legal framework.

Article 10: Network Security

  1. You bear the consequences for any services provided through the platform that violate national laws.
  2. You are responsible for overseeing the services you offer and bear consequences for any illegal activities conducted by your users.
  3. Should we discover your involvement in illegal activities, legal action will be taken and evidence provided to the authorities.

Article 11: Additional Provisions

  1. Should parts of this agreement become invalid due to legal conflicts, it does not affect the validity of the remaining terms.
  2. The Company retains the ultimate interpretive authority over this agreement and the privacy policy. For inquiries, please contact us.