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The Database is a quintessential component of an application. Sealos provides a database cluster deployment management tool, aiding in the swift deployment of database clusters. At present, it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. The Database is currently in its experimental phase.

  • Cluster CRUD
  • One-click direct connection to the database
  • Manual backup
  • Automatic backup
  • Elastic scaling
  • Creation of read-only clusters
  • Visual configuration of user groups and database groups
  • Visual database management
  • Support for additional databases and versions

Getting Started

To illustrate the convenience of the Database, let's deploy a PostgreSQL database.

It only takes six steps to complete the deployment and access:

  1. Enter the Database application from the Sealos desktop.

1. Open the **database**

  1. Click on the creation of a new cluster.

2. Create a new cluster

  1. Select the corresponding database and parameters.

3. Select the corresponding database and parameters

  1. Click on deployment.

  2. Enter DB to view details.

4. Enter DB details

  1. Obtain the database access parameters.

5. Obtain the database access parameters

  1. Experience the one-click database connection.

pg Database connection