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Login at sealos cloud. Please do not use current trial version as production environment.


Currently supports wechat and github login.


It is highly recommended that users have a try to deploy hello world on sealos cloud
This tutorial creates a hello world pod, as well as the svc and ingress to assign an independent second-level domain name to provide public network access. Basic usage and basic concepts of kubernetes are required.

cloud terminal It is the recommended tool to operate sealos cloud through CLI. You can also debug other pod svc, etc, utilizing the terminal.

If you need a separate database instance,sealos pgsql is a good choice, you can create a pgsql database in minutes.

If you need a separate customized kubernetes cluster, you can use sealos cloud provider. It only takes five minutes to create a kubernetes cluster with high availability. The creation is 2 to 3 times faster than similar products!