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sealos app store

sealos app store displays image information stored in sealos registry


look at to get more details.

Create and manage your organization

Currently, we only support organization creation by applying an organization cr yaml file.

Here is an example, you can edit this yaml in the terminal app in sealos cloud:

kind: Organization
name: your-organization-name
name: your-organization-name # same as
creator: your-uuid # find at sealos cloud page
manager: [ your-uuid ] # you can add other users as manager

We will support GUI to manage organizations in the future.

How to display your image information in sealos app store

By default, if you push an image to sealos registry, sealos will generate an image cr and apply it to sealos cloud.

You can customize the image cr by writing an image cr into the image, and the will be parsed as an element of the image cr.

You need to construct your image files in the following structure:

├── etc
├── metadata
│ └── config.yaml

An example of the image cr yaml named as config.yaml is like this:

kind: Image
name: labring.cert-manager.v1.8.0 # stay unique
description: Cloud native certificate management. X.509 certificate management for Kubernetes and OpenShift
docs: # will be generated by in your image.
icon: # we only support image url at this stage.
keywords: # keywords of your image
- Network
name: labring/cert-manager:v1.8.0